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If you are repaying a mortgage for a long time, but you are not satisfied with the terms of its repayment, the amount of the monthly payment or the fees, reach for the possibility of refinancing the mortgage.

What is mortgage refinancing?

What is mortgage refinancing?


Mortgage refinancing is the transfer of an existing mortgage from one bank to another, which will offer you a more advantageous and faster repayment of the loan. The main reasons for transferring a mortgage are to save a higher amount of money on interest and fees associated with its repayment, obtain a lower interest rate, change the amount of monthly payments, combine several mortgages into one or the possibility of its total, early repayment.

When is refinancing appropriate?

When is refinancing appropriate?

You can apply for a mortgage refinancing at any time. However, it is very important to realize that if it is during the fixation period, you will not avoid high fees or fines for early repayment of the mortgage. Therefore, the most common refinancing takes place at the end of the interest rate fixation period , when you can repay the mortgage free of charge. Just before its end, the bank will offer you new conditions for the next fixation period. If they don’t suit you, you can look at other banks.

What to focus on?

What to focus on?

Many people make decisions based on interest rates alone. However, this is just one of the parameters you should look at. It is also necessary to check the amount of the monthly payment, the possibility of shortening or extending the loan maturity, the amount of fees / mortgage repayment costs and the amount that you could save under the given conditions.

Mortgage refinancing procedure


  • Start early

Just as when arranging a mortgage, it took some time to request, furnish and approve it, so it is when refinancing a mortgage. According to experts, you should start approximately 4 months before the end of your fixation period.

  • Do a survey

The market for banks offering mortgage refinancing is large enough for you to be able to choose the offer that best suits your current situation. Set your preferred benefits and follow them. Contact the banks and wait for what they will offer you. By law, banks are obliged to guarantee new interest rates at least 2 months before the end of the fixation period.

  • Prepare your documents

Based on the offer you choose, prepare the necessary documents such as:

  1. Completed refinancing application for a new bank
  2. The original mortgage agreement (if you want to repay several loans at once by refinancing, then all agreements are required)
  3. Proof of income
  4. Expert opinion (many banks accept opinions that are up to 5 years old)
  5. Extract from the real estate cadastre
  6. Current amount of loans confirmed by the original institutions
  7. Consent to early repayment of a mortgage from a bank or original financial institution
  8. Identity document

Each bank requires different documents, so you may not need all of the above documents in your particular case.

  • Don’t forget your bank either

Before you exchange your bank for a new one, submit its bids from a competitor. The bank, in an effort to prevent the loss of the client, can offer you the same and sometimes even more advantageous offer. In that case, all you have to do is agree and thus avoid the obligations associated with the transfer to another bank.

  • Consult an expert

The process of refinancing a mortgage is not easy, so if you are in doubt about choosing the right new offer, consult a mortgage adviser. The advisor is familiar with this area and can give you valuable advice that will facilitate the entire process of handling, communication and administration with banks.

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Credit comparison – compare loans online & save! Fri, 08 May 2020 03:38:02 +0000

There has been an increase in borrowing, particularly in recent years, but this is not only due to the steadily falling interest rates, but also due to consumer spending. Loans are increasingly being used to fulfill wishes for which savings were previously made for years. However, a loan comparison should always be made before borrowing. Unfortunately, however, many people still turn to their house bank first when it comes to taking out a loan. However, if you take advantage of the best loan, you have no chance to compare loans anymore. For this reason, it makes sense to carry out a comprehensive loan comparison in advance in order to find a loan with good conditions that fits your personal financial situation. When comparing loans, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Compare cheap loans conveniently online

Compare cheap loans conveniently online

The first step to be able to compare loans is to do research on the Internet, because there is a lot of information about loan offers, not only from branch banks, but also from direct and online banks. A credit comparison can save a lot of money in most cases, because online loan offers are usually cheaper than installment loans from a branch bank. In addition, an extensive credit check is carried out on loans from a house bank to find out whether the borrower is really creditworthy and solvent. For loans from the Internet, the credit checks are usually not as lengthy and the conditions are more attractive, so it is always advisable to compare the credit before taking out a loan.

Loan comparison worthwhile even with negative Credit Bureau

Loan comparison worthwhile even with negative Credit Bureau

However, you can not only compare loans to find the best conditions for a loan, a loan comparison is also available for all consumers who cannot get a loan from a German branch bank due to a negative entry at Credit Bureau. By comparing a loan, you can start looking for a loan without Credit Bureau and even with this special loan you can compare conditions so that you don’t have to pay too much for a loan.

Comparing loans is therefore worthwhile with every type of loan, because every type of loan offers space for savings that should not be missed. In addition, the online loan comparison is free of charge in most cases and can be easily carried out with the help of a loan calculator, so that you can find a suitable loan quickly and safely.

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What are the interests of private equity loans? Mon, 04 May 2020 03:12:20 +0000

Private capital allows many people to obtain credit when it is not possible to obtain the necessary money by other means. Banks no longer grant loans with the same ease due to the financial crisis we are experiencing, there are many requirements and conditions that they ask their customers. For this reason, private equity companies provide their users with private credits, providing only a guarantee or guarantee; Let’s see what are the interests of private equity loans or credits.

Loan with guarantee

Loan with guarantee

Our company provides loans to its clients with the guarantee of a real estate property or of any kind, which means that it is possible to guarantee the money with all kinds of objects, from a car, art collections, real estate, etc. The only thing that we do not accept is jewelry but the advantages are enormous because there are many options for the client and that is that they can easily get their money.

In addition to this, we have to add that the installments of our loans can be paid very easily, since you can select the type of installments that best suits the specific needs of each person; They can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or even yearly. The interest on our private equity loans is between 12% and 15% per year, but the ease we give to pay these loans allows our clients to hardly notice this money as if it were an added burden.

It depends on the quality 

It depends on the quality 

We provide up to 20% of the value of the guarantee, this depends to a great extent on the quality that they have, in the case of car loans, a new modality that we offer exclusively; We can provide up to a maximum of 30% or 40% of the value of the vehicle. We appraise your car and in return we give you money, it can be a motorcycle, truck, van, etc.

Among the advantages or virtues that our credits have, we highlight the speed with which money is granted, since, in less than 72 hours, it is possible to have liquidity and have the exact amount deposited in the current account. We provide loans to people with economic difficulties, such as being unemployed, delinquent, etc. None of these situations is a problem for us.

Conditions of the private loan

Conditions of the private loan

As for real estate guarantees, they must meet an important condition to be able to guarantee our private loans. Real estate must be totally free of charges and mortgages to be considered as guarantees. We accept flats, houses, premises, etc. plots, plots, or land are not valid.

In case the client needs to carry out the official appraisal of his home, this is a process that we can carry out in our company since our professionals are trained for it and have financial and real estate knowledge; so that they can take care of as many steps as possible and speed up the procedures so that the user has their money in the shortest possible time and with the greatest ease.

In conclusion, we offer private loans with all the necessary guarantees, since we are regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumption. The interests of our loans are between 12% and 15% annually and the facilities to pay the installments are adjusted to the specific needs of each client. What are the interests of private equity loans? Rate this page

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Borrow 1200 USD – 1200 USD mini loan with instant payment to your account! Mon, 27 Apr 2020 02:57:39 +0000

If you run into a major financial bottleneck, you can bridge it with a 1,200 USD mini loan. With a mini loan, you can react quickly to financial irregularities and, for example, pay your rent if you get your salary too late. Here you can find out what you should know about mini loans and how you can take out a $ 1,200 loan.

Which providers offer a 1,200 USD mini loan?

Which providers offer a 1,200 USD mini loan?

You can take out a 1,200 USD mini loan with Cream Bank or Spin Lender. However, there is a restriction that you must have already taken out and repaid a loan from the respective provider.

Alternatively, the classic installment loan is available. You can apply for this at any bank. You can use a comparison calculator on the Internet to display the best conditions for many banks. A pure credit request is usually Credit Bureauneutral. Your Credit Bureau score can only be influenced if you submit a loan application and it is rejected.

To get a cheap loan, banks usually require a good credit rating and appropriate collateral. If you don’t get a bank loan, you can borrow money from private individuals. It is easy and safe to do this via switching platforms such as Smava or auxmoney. If you have successfully registered, you can set your credit request there. Registered private individuals can participate in the loan. When the total amount has been collected, you will receive the loan.

The loan is processed through a bank. Lenders and borrowers remain anonymous to each other. A bad Credit Bureau score is not a general obstacle since the platforms also rate your creditworthiness yourself.

Who can take out a $ 1,200 loan?

Who can take out a $ 1,200 loan?

If you live in Germany, are of legal age and have a Infra bank account, you can take out a loan of 1,200 USD. It is also important that you have full legal capacity and are not over-indebted. There should also be no serious reason that speaks against lending even with a good credit rating. An example of this is a warrant that has not yet been executed or a prison sentence for financial crimes that has not yet been served.

With Spin Lender and Cream Bank you can only get your 1,200 USD credit as an existing customer. First-time customers do not receive loans of this amount. To get a bank or personal loan, you have to meet the requirements of the respective provider, for example, have a certain credit rating.

What is a 1,200 USD loan needed for?

You should not take out a mini loan of this amount lightly, since the loan amount including interest has to be raised within two months, the installments are quite generous. It can make sense if you know that your salary is late and you have to pay the rent. In this case, however, you should first approach your landlord. If he does not allow himself to be talked to, a first warning is probably cheaper than the fees for a 1,200 USD mini loan.

Debts from energy suppliers should also be discussed first in order to find a solution. If an unexpectedly high bill is the reason for the financial need, the attempt to arrange an installment payment cannot hurt. Most providers are quite accommodating in this regard.

An installment loan, whether from a bank or privately, is the better solution in most cases. You often get personal loans even with poor credit ratings. In any case, you benefit from the favorable rates, even if you would perhaps repay your loan over a very long period of time.

If you take out a loan of more than 1,200 USD to finance expensive purchases, you should speak to the dealer about a financing offer or borrow the money from a bank. Dedicated loans are usually available at very good conditions, since the goods acquired, for example a car, can be used as security.

How quickly is a 1,200 USD loan paid out?

How quickly is a 1,200 USD loan paid out?

If you took out your USD 1,200 loan with Cream Bank, the money should be in your account within three to five days after the loan approval. You also have the option of booking the express option for 39 USD. With the express option, your application will be given priority and the money will be transferred within 30 minutes of approval. With Spin Lender, it takes up to seven working days to pay out the mini loan. An acceleration fee is only available for loans up to 600 USD.

With an installment loan, you usually have the money in your bank account within a few working days. In some cases, if you take out the loan from the bank where you also have your checking account, you may get the money the same day.

When do you have to repay a 1200 USD loan?

You repay your USD 1,200 loan according to the agreed term. The repayment phase usually begins with the loan approval or payment. Cream Bank offers terms of 15, 30, 60 or 90 days. Banks usually offer maturities of 12, 24, 36 or 48 months. Installment loans are usually repaid in monthly installments.

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When to apply for a quick loan? Wed, 22 Apr 2020 03:02:51 +0000

As a responsible borrower, we also want to give our customers financial advice. We want to share with our customers all the information we know about internet banking. We not only want to talk about getting money fast, but also to share information with customers about various financial services and to teach them how to manage their money better.Quick loans, small loans and so-called payday loans are usually small loans with amounts ranging from 50 to 300 dollars and the repayment period is usually after 30 days.

The advantage of such loans is speed and availability for many people. Quick loan companies are often surrounded by negative media coverage, various myths and misconceptions. We will answer all your questions immediately!

When can I apply for a quick loan?

When can I apply for a quick loan?

You can fill in an online application whenever you want – apply for 50-300 dollars and pay back in 30 days.

But when is a quick loan suitable?

  • If you have unexpected expenses or an invoice that is due before the new payday
  • If you need to quickly repair or replace an electronic gadget
  • If you need to quickly improve your home something
  • If you need to repair your car to go to work
  • If you need to pay for your child’s tuition
  • If you need a little extra money to cover expenses during Christmas or the holidays
  • If you need to pay rent before payday
  • If you want to receive some unexpected special offers (eg plane tickets, cheap hotel rooms, etc.)

If you feel that any of these situations are familiar to you, a quick loan can help you. Solving these problems is just a few clicks away. It only takes a minute to send the application and the money will be received within a few minutes after we check the application.

It is very important to remember that you should only borrow the amount you really need and can repay. A quick loan is meant to solve unexpected situations, not impulse shopping or lifestyle support. Use the loan calculator to calculate the appropriate monthly payment and loan period.

Why is the repayment period so short?

The repayment period is short, as a shorter period is more suitable for small loans. As a rule, the loan period depends on the amount of the loan – the larger the amount, the longer the repayment period. For larger amounts, a longer period is also needed for the monthly payment to be suitable for the customer and not excessive.

Are quick loans expensive?

Are quick loans expensive?

Quick loans should not be expensive. You can compare loan products from different lenders. In your comparison, be sure to also monitor the cost of credit, but also the quality, speed, efficiency and security of customer service.

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Vacation Loans – What Are Your Options? Sat, 18 Apr 2020 03:00:46 +0000

This year’s holiday season is already in full swing and you are probably already browsing the catalogs of travel agencies and deciding on a specific destination that you would like to visit this year. This is the pleasant part of pre-holiday preparations. However, it often happens that you already have time off at work and you would like to move somewhere beyond everyday life – outside your home, your city, or even the republic – but you find that you do not have enough money for it.

Banks offer good interest rates, but they are strict when approving a loan

Banks offer good interest rates, but they are strict when approving a loan

It is nothing new that when we take into account the total costs associated with the loan, ie the RPMN (annual percentage rate of charge), the most advantageous is to borrow money from the bank.

The difference between a loan at a bank and from one of the non-banking companies is not entirely negligible: if you rent a holiday at a bank, you can reimburse it by 25 percent, if at a non-banking company, this number can climb to 40 percent. However, these differences are also narrowing more and more due to sufficient saturation of the loan market and high competition between non-banks, but also between banks and lending companies.

The easiest choice, when we talk about banks, is to use the permitted overdraft (ie the so-called overdraft) that you have set up with your current account at the bank to buy your holiday. Alternatively, you can pay for the holiday with a credit card, which also provides an interest-free period (usually 30 to 60 days). However, not everyone is a credit card holder, not everyone has an overdraft account, and if so, the amount of interest on overdrafts is almost twice as high as the interest rate on a standard consumer loan.

It is therefore a more advantageous choice. If he does not apply for a large amount (which is not a threat when paying for a holiday, only if you travel around the world), you have a chance to get a consumer loan without a guarantee. However, the disadvantage is that if you need to borrow, say, only 250 dollars (for example, assuming that you have saved part of the money for the holidays), most banks will not provide you with a consumer loan of this amount.

Vacation in installments from the traveler

Vacation in installments from the traveler

Another option that is offered to you if you do not have enough money to buy a holiday trip is the so-called installment holiday. Today, it is offered by almost every major travel agency and there are no small players on the tail. This option is promoted mainly by large travel agencies, selling online tours of several tour operators operating in our market.

There is nothing special about the product called “installment leave”. In essence, a travel agency has a contract with a non-bank lending company (exceptionally with several) in order to be able to offer one of its credit products to cover the cost of purchasing a holiday.

When borrowing from non-banknotes, consider the most appropriate one

When borrowing from non-banknotes, consider the most appropriate one


You have more freedom if you look around a bit and decide for yourself which specific non-banking company you will conclude a loan agreement with. Many of them offer products that may be right for you. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true: if you make the wrong decision, you can pay off unnecessarily high money on your holiday “on debt”. In addition, not all non-banking companies offer fair solutions, so be careful. The golden rule is to borrow only from large and solid companies that already have a quality reputation in our market.

When deciding on the type of loan you would like to take out to cover your holiday expenses, you need to take into account, in particular, the amount you are missing. If you are lucky enough to save most of your holiday “budget” and just need to prove a small amount, in the order of a few tens of dollars, and you need this money quickly and without unnecessary bureaucracy, so-called loans can be the solution for you.

It is possible to settle them promptly via the Internet or even by SMS message, and in addition to the fact that they do not verify credit registers and do not require any form of guarantee, you do not have to submit a receipt. So it’s a very fast and quite convenient way to get a small amount of money.

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Private loans without paying in advance. Mon, 13 Apr 2020 02:52:29 +0000


Lite Lender Company specializes in opening lines of financing through private loans without paying in advance.

We have a large portfolio of private lenders that operate for individuals and companies, providing financing when they cannot go to banks. Private loans can be accessed without paying in advance by submitting a mortgage guarantee. Next we will see how it works.

Private loans without paying in advance

Private loans without paying in advance

Lite Lender Company is a company that operates within the private online loan market. There are many companies within this sector that act in a rather draconian way, demanding very hard and strict interest and repayment conditions. Lite Lender Company wants to completely get away from this operation and offers private loans without paying in advance, even accessing a grace period. In addition, all our loans have an interest of between 9% and 12%.

How to access our private loans

How to access our private loans

There are two conditions for accessing our private unpaid loans from Lite Lender Company: have real estate and request a minimum of $ 20,000.

Have a real estate property

This is of vital importance in order to grant a guarantee or guarantee to the lender that delivers the money.

Lite Lender Company needs a simple note from the Property Registry in which the name of the property owner (who must be the applicant himself) appears.  The property will also be appraised at market price to determine the maximum amount we can deliver: approximately 30% of the appraised value.

Loan from $ 20,000

This minimum amount allows us to defray all those fixed expenses associated with the opening of financing lines through private loans without paying in advance, while maintaining the interest rate, as we have previously said, between 9% and 12%.

All the fixed expenses associated with the start-up and the delivery of the money are prorated through the loan repayment fees. In this way the applicant does not have to advance any expense on his part.

We adapt to each client

We adapt to each client

Lite Lender Company lets its applicants choose how they want to repay their loan. Since we have a much smaller and more agile structure than a bank, we can be much more flexible in how our clients prefer to return their private loans without paying in advance.

We let you choose:

  • The duration of your loan
  • The number and type of fees
  • Amortization rate
  • If the financial situation of the applicant allows it, we allow access to a grace period.

Lite Lender Company carefully studies each of the requests and we do not enter into operations that pose too much risk for any of the parties. Our goal is never to have to execute the guarantee, but rather the applicant can return their loan within the terms and conditions set out in the contract.

To protect the interests of all actors present in our private loan operations without paying in advance, we have all loan openings signed before a notary. The applicant can choose the notary of Spain that he wants, he will be a representative of Lite Lender Company who will move for the signature.


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Couch loan: what is that? Sat, 11 Apr 2020 03:42:02 +0000

Ever heard of a couch loan ? No – neither have we to date! And yet there seems to be this credit, because we have read this term several times in relevant media in recent days. The only question is what is actually meant by a couch loan? Well – one thing, at least not, although perhaps it is obvious: it is not a dedicated loan offer for the purchase of a new sofa / couch by means of a loan.

Rather, the financial institution, which has now virtually “invented” the term “couch loan”, aimed here to pack the simplicity of borrowing into a process that is common to most people – the “easy way to stay on the couch.” But so inventive, the financial industry shows itself again and again in the creation of new products and terms, so the legitimate question arises, what is special about such a couch loan? We went into the question once and found something? Unfortunately nothing really new!

The couch loan – old familiar in “new” packaging

The couch loan - old familiar in "new" packaging

Who now expects something new, even revolutionary or at least innovative from the offer of a couch loan, because we have to disappoint at this early point in the article. No, this new loan offer is none of that – neither new, nor innovative, or even revolutionary. It is nothing other than the result of a probably long-lasting meeting of numerous marketing experts from a German financial institution, at the end of which there is precisely that credit title. There is nothing like the imagination of many marketing experts!

Couch loan = online loan from the sofa

Couch loan = online loan from the sofa

The couch loan is nothing more than a classic online loan, which can now be conveniently taken out from the sofa at that bank thanks to technical aids. Wow – how impressive! Or not? No – we are not impressed and for good reason. Because just because a bank has finally decided to use modern technologies as part of the loan request process, this does not necessarily mean that the child takes his usual name, which is known to the general public, and replaces it with a nonsensical one! And yet it happened and to give the whole thing a corresponding presence on the Internet, the right URL and website were put online. So quickly you can establish a supposedly new type of loan in the market.

The characteristics of the “couch loan”

The characteristics of the "couch loan"

Ok – complained enough: let’s take a closer look at the facts of the couch loan offer. As already mentioned, it is a standard online loan with – admittedly – consistently acceptable credit terms. These are as follows:

  • Maturities from 12 to 60 months
  • Loan amount of at least $ 1,000 to a maximum of $ 5,000
  • Purpose limitation is not a requirement
  • Effective interest rate pa 3.49%
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Instant credit online without Credit Bureau. Fri, 10 Apr 2020 03:15:59 +0000

An instant loan is a very good solution when it comes to covering money needs quickly and easily. From a short-term purchase to the use of a special offer in the trade to costly repairs of a vehicle, there are possibilities that immediate money is needed. The feature of the instant loan is that it makes a very quick decision regarding lending. The loan amount is available within a very short time.

However, the creditworthiness check and the query of the Credit Bureaudaten are also required before the loan amount can be obtained. So if you have a Credit Bureau entry, you can expect to get a rejection for the loan. But there can also be a solution here, because the market provides instant credit online without Credit Bureau.

What distinguishes the instant loan without Credit Bureau?

What distinguishes the instant loan without Credit Bureau?

The instant credit online is characterized by many special features. On the one hand, a visit to a branch bank is not necessary, because from the application for the loan to the handling of the formalities to the support of the loan, all contacts are made via the Internet.

Furthermore, the instant credit online without Credit Bureau is characterized by its fast payment method. Ultimately, the peculiarity of the instant credit online without Credit Bureau is that this loan is granted without a Credit Bureau query and also without an entry in the Credit Bureau. Applicants who already have a Credit Bureau entry can also receive the instant credit online without Credit Bureau.

Who offers instant credit online without Credit Bureau?

Who offers instant credit online without Credit Bureau?

In the case of established Cream banks, the instant loan is not granted without Credit Bureau. Here it is common for the credit protection institute to be consulted in advance. Loans without Credit Bureau are usually granted from abroad. Especially from Switzerland, we have been granting the loan without Credit Bureau for many years, which is why it is also known colloquially as a Swiss loan. The loan is also granted without Credit Bureau from other European countries. The Internet has made processing much easier here and the instant credit online without Credit Bureau can thus be processed entirely via the Internet.

What should I watch out for if I want to apply for the instant credit online without Credit Bureau?

What should I watch out for if I want to apply for the instant credit online without Credit Bureau?

Since the instant loan without Credit Bureau is a riskier loan product for the banks because there is a higher risk of default, many banks pay for this risk with higher interest rates. The instant credit online without Credit Bureau is therefore often much more expensive for consumers than a classic loan.

It is therefore important for the applicant that exactly the conditions under which the loan is granted be checked before signing a loan contract. In addition, there are now black sheep on the market in the area of ​​loans without Credit Bureau, which take advantage of the financial hardship of the applicants.

Loan promises are then made, but the applicant is forced to make an advance payment before the loan is granted. These are dubious providers who should be avoided even when there is an absolute shortage of money. After payment of the security deposit, there is in no case a concrete contract for the loan. One should also bear in mind that due to the increased risk of default, the loan without Credit Bureau has limited contract amounts

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Mortgage Loan – Explanation and conditions of a non-purpose mortgage Wed, 25 Mar 2020 02:54:50 +0000


A mortgage is, in other words, a non-purpose mortgage secured by real estate. It is a term that is often used in our country. The reasons for the practice are different, but they have a common denominator. This is the law on housing loans, which specifies exactly what a housing loan secured by real estate can be used for. There simply has to be a defined purpose associated with the acquisition of real estate, whether it is construction, purchase, inheritance settlement, reconstruction, or refinancing of a previously granted loan for these purposes.

What is mortgage and what can I use it for?

What is  mortgage and what can I use it for?

A mortgage is something else. The bank is not so interested in what the money will be used for. It is a consumer loan secured by real estate. Practically money can be used for anything. They are not purpose bound.
THE mortgage is often used to buy a car, buy real estate abroad, or to repay previously granted loans, which are not mentioned in the law on housing loans.

Advantages and conditions of a non-purpose mortgage

Advantages and conditions of a non-purpose mortgage

The biggest advantage of A mortgage is the futility of the mortgage. However, in the case of A mortgage, the applicant must meet the conditions as in the case of a normal mortgage, which are:

  • must have documented income for the required period
  • must meet the DTI condition
  • must not be in arrears with payments for existing loans or for those still visible in the history of the credit register
  • must have at his disposal the real estate which he will offer to the bank as security. This property is also subject to the same conditions as a classic mortgage. It must be a real estate in the territory of the country, there must not be such a burden on the title deed that the bank would not accept.

Although the interest rate is slightly higher than with a classic mortgage, it is incomparably lower than with other types of consumer loans. The loan amount can be set much higher than with consumer loans.

Another use of a non-purpose mortgage

Another use of A non-purpose mortgage

It follows from the above that we can use the mortgage even in difficult life situations, such as repaying expensive loans from non-banks, but we can use it to fulfill our dreams. For example, buying property abroad, whether it is a cottage or apartment on the beach or in the mountains. Alternatively, we can start or oppose our business with it.

With a reasonable setting, it can also be used as an investment when the return on money that the bank provides us is higher than the interest that the bank demands and generates a profit for us. An example could be investment real estate, or investments in the financial market in the form of various derivatives.

Are you interested in A mortgage and need help? Write to us and our mortgage specialists will contact you.

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