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DATE: March 13, 2020

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The redemption of credits like any credit commits you and must be repaid. Even if it offers opportunities to improve everyday life, you have to know what it includes. He cannot resolve all situations.

As soon as your month ends become complicated, react, do not wait to be over-indebted to find a solution. By contacting a professional; your banker or a broker in credit consolidation, you will be supported and followed. Together you will find the solution adapted to your needs.

The limits of the repurchase of credits.

The limits of the repurchase of credits.

Some people in specific cases are not admissible. We present these situations below:

  • Borrowers who are already subject to a banking ban for issuing bad checks, or who have already contacted the departmental over-indebtedness committee.
  • People who are registered in the National file of credit repayment incidents to individuals, managed by the Banque de France.

Finally, depending on the financial situation, a loan buy-back transaction will not be attractive for certain individuals. For a restructuring of consumer loans for example, it is enough to add all the capital due and divide it by the number of monthly payments over twelve years (maximum duration), if the amount exceeds 30% of the income, it will preferably be necessary contact the debt commission.

This is why we must react at the first signs of complication, a job loss, a divorce, or even a need for cash.

Depending on your profile, you will use different types of redemptions. The repurchase of credits by mortgage, or with surety. The objective is always the same, to regain financial balance over the long term.

Some examples of redemptions

Some examples of redemptions

Credit consolidation by mortgage

In a situation of excess consumer credit, added to a mortgage, when the pain of a divorce or a layoff falls on your back. Rather than living in a situation of excessive debt in the long term, you can benefit from a loan restructuring offer at a very competitive fixed or variable rate, subject to the guarantee of a mortgage on your property.  

Bonded loan consolidation for owners

You took out a mortgage 10 years ago to buy a house that you always paid off without worry, but you had to take out a consumer loan to buy a car or to change the windows and thus save energy. Everything was fine until you got sick. The money comes in less and yet the monthly payments continue to fall. To give you some air, you can guarantee the repurchase of your car and work loan by your house.

Credit consolidation with deposit

You live alone in an apartment and you find yourself cornered with many consumer credits: car, revolving credit.  To have a very attractive fixed rate for the repurchase of your credits, you ask your parents to post their property as a deposit.

If they accept, this will allow you to have a lower rate and be able to repay your single monthly payment more easily. To know your profile and the solutions available to you, fill out our online form.

Free simulation

No payment of any kind whatsoever may be required from an individual before obtaining one or more loans of money. The decrease in the amount of the monthly payments leads to an extension of the repayment period and increases the total cost of the credit. The reduction depends on the remaining term of the loans purchased.

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