Private loans without paying in advance.

DATE: April 13, 2020

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Lite Lender Company specializes in opening lines of financing through private loans without paying in advance.

We have a large portfolio of private lenders that operate for individuals and companies, providing financing when they cannot go to banks. Private loans can be accessed without paying in advance by submitting a mortgage guarantee. Next we will see how it works.

Private loans without paying in advance

Private loans without paying in advance

Lite Lender Company is a company that operates within the private online loan market. There are many companies within this sector that act in a rather draconian way, demanding very hard and strict interest and repayment conditions. Lite Lender Company wants to completely get away from this operation and offers private loans without paying in advance, even accessing a grace period. In addition, all our loans have an interest of between 9% and 12%.

How to access our private loans

How to access our private loans

There are two conditions for accessing our private unpaid loans from Lite Lender Company: have real estate and request a minimum of $ 20,000.

Have a real estate property

This is of vital importance in order to grant a guarantee or guarantee to the lender that delivers the money.

Lite Lender Company needs a simple note from the Property Registry in which the name of the property owner (who must be the applicant himself) appears.  The property will also be appraised at market price to determine the maximum amount we can deliver: approximately 30% of the appraised value.

Loan from $ 20,000

This minimum amount allows us to defray all those fixed expenses associated with the opening of financing lines through private loans without paying in advance, while maintaining the interest rate, as we have previously said, between 9% and 12%.

All the fixed expenses associated with the start-up and the delivery of the money are prorated through the loan repayment fees. In this way the applicant does not have to advance any expense on his part.

We adapt to each client

We adapt to each client

Lite Lender Company lets its applicants choose how they want to repay their loan. Since we have a much smaller and more agile structure than a bank, we can be much more flexible in how our clients prefer to return their private loans without paying in advance.

We let you choose:

  • The duration of your loan
  • The number and type of fees
  • Amortization rate
  • If the financial situation of the applicant allows it, we allow access to a grace period.

Lite Lender Company carefully studies each of the requests and we do not enter into operations that pose too much risk for any of the parties. Our goal is never to have to execute the guarantee, but rather the applicant can return their loan within the terms and conditions set out in the contract.

To protect the interests of all actors present in our private loan operations without paying in advance, we have all loan openings signed before a notary. The applicant can choose the notary of Spain that he wants, he will be a representative of Lite Lender Company who will move for the signature.


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